We're celebrating 40 years being in business! 
It all started back in 1980 when The Raynor family opened the Village Restaurant in Newton Grove, North Carolina.  Business was great and after a few successful years in Newton Grove, they decided the best move would be to relocate the family restaurant to the location it still occupies in the small community of Meadow, North Carolina. 

The move prompted the small family to rename the restaurant to the name it and all of its employees still wear today, Meadow Village Restaurant. Moving to Meadow proved to be a very wise decision because it began growing and 40 some odd years later it hasn't stopped! Over the years, the restaurant began expanding their services by offering buffet and later, catering. 

Meadow Village Restaurant has became famous for many things, most notably being its Chocolate Pie which has been featured in North Carolina's "Our State" magazine!

The Raynors are still carrying on the tradition of "family owned" with no intention of changing that aspect of their business. Timmy, Dawn, Taylor, and Dawson are proud to represent the Meadow Restaurant!